Welcome to Manta Scientific Solutions

Manta Scientific Solutions is a client-based medical writing and medical education company located in central New Jersey. We serve the academic, medical, biotechnology, and drug development sectors. Our website is designed to help save you time and allow you to quickly locate information about us and the type of documents and educational support that we offer. Click here for a listing of our capabilities, expertise in major therapeutic areas, and the type of clients that we have served.

Today’s research world is very demanding and highly dependent on rapid changes in technology at all levels: biomedical, genomic, and clinical. The successful completion of manuscripts, documents, and submissions in this funding and regulatory environment demands intellectual rigor and mastery of complex subject matter. You and your project’s success will be judged to a great extent by the quality and scientific content of the writing that accompanies it. You and your team deserve the highest level of client satisfaction and professionalism, on and off-paper, for your project’s success.

What sets us apart is that we offer confidential preparation and on-time delivery of your critical research, regulatory, and medical education documents by medical writer personnel that are fully trained in biomedical research at the Ph.D. level.  We respect your need for confidentiality.

Manta Scientific Solutions was founded with the utmost respect for ethics in the practice of science and the strong belief that a high level of responsibility should accompany the truthful communication of science. Most importantly, we never forget that for most documents, the patient is the ultimate end-user.

If you share these goals, contact us. We welcome the opportunity to help move you forward.